Thursday, 5 September 2013

How Mountain Lion Changed Its Spots

I'm not someone who tends to conform. I play nicely with the other kids, but I'm different. Well, I must be. I use a Mac! And while I like vanilla Macs, I prefer mine to be different. Things get customised a lot. Hardware and software alike. Cases, decals, docks, menu bars, desktops; if I can tweak it I do. It's almost obsessive.

But trying to tweak some bits of the user interface prove a bit more difficult than others, especially UI element colours. So you can change the background colour of Finder windows, and you can swap between Blue and Graphite appearances. And there are tools that let you change the backgrounds of Notification centre and the Login screen. And it's easy enough to change icons. And you used to be able to change the colour of the dock (although it seems that now your only option is to hide the background completely using Mirage). But to change the colour of the menu bar or the overall theme of OS X has always proved a bit more of a challenge.

I've looked at various tools in the past but they were too difficult to use to get the adjustments I'm looking for. I tried CrystalClear but ultimately there was too much choice, and without having a lot of time, it was all to easy to make a pig's ear of the whole interface.

But now I've found Flavours (thank you for spelling it the UK way!) and my screens now stand out from the crowd the way I like them to! Flavours is quick and easy and you can create your own themes from scratch or borrow other people's and use them as-is or modify them. You can still make a pig's ear of your screen if you want to, but it's more difficult using Flavours!

Mountain Lion Has Changed Its Spots

Flavours can be downloaded on a trial basis or costs $19.90 ($16.18 for a limited time). It runs on Lion, Mountain Lion and is being beta tested for Mavericks. Check it out, and then you can be different - like me!!!

Next time, some feedback on my not-too-happy experience with Mavericks on the MacBook Air.

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