Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Apple Harvest - Normal Service Resumed

Apologies from a Delinquent Blogger

I've only just realised that it's about 9 weeks since I last updated the Apple Harvest. That's the longest period I've ever gone without posting anything, so I apologize for my deliquency, but I hope that a more regular posting pattern will soon resume. Thanks to regular readers for still coming back and looking for stuff - a check on Google Analytics revealed that folks are still using the site. Hopefully the experience will become more rewarding over the next few weeks.

A lot has happened since the February posting, some of which explains my absence. I'm back in Zurich after spending a wonderfully idle few months at home. I've been here for nearly two weeks, and settled in much quicker than before. I'm in a different part of town, different office (same company) and much better digs - nearly four times the size of the last place - and hopefully I'll have a proper broadband connection sometime after Easter. That will make everything a lot easier.

What a Difference A Word Makes

I just did a couple of Google searches - the great news is that a search for the "Apple Harvest blog" returns with this blog at the top of the list. Interestingly, if I omit the word "blog", I couldn't find a reference until page 74. Still, at least it's in the top 100 pages! Sometimes you have to wonder about Google's search algorithms. A reference to the date of the 2006 apple harvest appeared on page 40 something. Perhaps some more regular posts will bump us up the list a bit?

Some Forthcoming Posts

I've got a list of some things you can look forward to over the next few weeks. Here's a preview...
  • Some thoughts on the Mac App Store
  • How my Magic Trackpad is losing out to the Magic Mouse
  • A look at the Joby Ori case and stand for the iPad
  • Why I'm not upgrading to the iPad 2
  • Using a stylus with the iPad and iPhone
  • Proper review of the iHome iA100 iPad dock mentioned in the last post
Hopefully there'll be something in the list to draw you back or to mention to your friends and colleagues, and bring them into the fold.

See you soon!

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